BC’s Anti-Racism Data Committee Burnaby Community Reception with Dr. June Francis

Creating possibilities from the ground up.

We listen to Dr. June Frances talk about the importance of having an Anti-Racism Data Committee to hold the government accountable!

Our founder was invited by Dr. June Francis:

” I am just a regular resident”

Challenging the system that I allowed for so many years that made me believe that I was not good enough. 

Founder of Alegria Soy Doris Alcantara seated front row, second from the right.

About the Committee Committee members represent a wide cross-section of racialized communities and geographic regions of BC

Dr. June Francis

The committee will collaborate with the Province on a number of iniatives to help identify and eleiminate systemic racism in the public sector, including:

  • Date  directives, to guide how government collects, uses and shares information
  • Data standards, to determine what type of personal information is collected, used and shared
  • Research priorities, to understand where the Province should focus its efforts first to identify and address systemic racism
  • Reviewing annual statistics prior to release to prevent community harms

On meeting Dr. June Francis

I met Dr. June Frances in a focus group about Anti-Racism. She conducted  research and I was part of that focus group. But with this research I saw something different. This was more than just using me/us for the information to then generate a report. I notice the real desire for system change, that allowed me to open a little more and provided her with more information about my own experience facing racism and discrimination.

I was fortunate to be invited to the showcasing of that report.

Only prominent people were there representing agencies, organizations, business and the government. I was the only regular resident and as so, when asked about the organization I represented I answered: “I am just a resident of Edmonds.”<br>
Somebody asked me: ” How did you get here?”<br>I answered: “Dr June Frances invited me.”<br> I had mixed feelings. In one hand I felt honored for such an invitation, but troubled with the sadness, that there I was among so many people getting paid to direct the future of my neighborhood. However, except for me, zero representation of ordinary resident’s of Edmonds, the most diverse community in British Columbia.

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